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Nurare is a Prague-based growth agency passionate about building brands that stand out from the crowd. We go far beyond just developing webs & apps. We are particularly skilled at branding, consulting, creating content strategies, running performance marketing, and executing killer campaigns on time and within budget.

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Where science and style Netflix & chill

We believe great marketing has both the properties of science and the attributes of art. With this as our mantra, we will utilize your accumulated data with our practical experience and creativity to win you new customers, and then keep them coming back for the long-term.

Transforming ideas into measurable growth

We are laser-focused on crafting well-honed marketing activities that generate genuine new growth for your business. We will bring your unique story and vision to the widest possible audience. We are devoted to keeping you ahead of your competition, and we deliver on this promise every day.

Creating impact together

  • Živina logo

    This was the fastest we've ever created and launched a fresh new brand. We designed label after label and diligently tasted each and every product. Thank goodness it's all sooo delicious and healthy!

  • Eisenberg Paris logo

    An international cosmetic brand has chosen us for an in-depth audit of its digital activities. At the moment we are leading digital marketing and brand communication, growing business by developing a technical and communication strategy for Emailing and CRM, including complete technical implementation.

  • Green Fox Academy logo

    We taught the foxes how to meaningfully use TikTok to get more relevant leads with video content. Leads from our campaigns were also 25% cheaper than those from Facebook.

  • Calmio logo

    Together, we developed the first Czech meditation app and launched the entire project. Thanks to our communication strategy and effective campaigns, we've gained over 85,000 registered users and we are still rolling.

  • Onesto logo

    We helped the founder by creating a communication strategy, naming and visual branding, a website, and the design, as well as the structure of the app. We've launched a research campaign to test the interest and size of the audience and define the final product design to maximize the project's success.

  • EDU Effective logo

    We've delivered a wide range of services for a non-profit institution focused on education. Our video production team created corporate, promotional, explainer, and animated videos to support the institution, students, or alumni.

  • Farma Vraňany logo

    We created a new visual identity, built a website, developed a communication strategy and set up e-commerce campaigns. Since its launch, Farma Vraňany has already matched last year's total online sales in only two months.

  • logo

    The tech company supporting nature conservation has used our creativity through idea-making, consulting, full digital audit, and graphic services for their branding.

  • Auto Opat logo

    Through social media and search ads, we were able to target the various stages of a potential customer's decision-making process. As a result, we increased website traffic by 46% and our ads had a 160% higher reach with the same media budget than in the previous year.

  • Raising capital for Živina

    Raising money for anyone is probably the biggest challenge you can face. Issuing bonds is one way to do it. We created a new landing page and set up B2C lead generation campaigns. We managed to gain over 1000 leads (with CPA under 180 CZK) in a month that we integrated directly into the CRM system.

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